PI: Jinhua Zhao  CIVIL / SCARP

Co-PI: Penny Gurstein SCARP


Tony Dorcey  SCARP / IRES

John Hepburn VP Research and International

Brian Lin UBC Public Affairs

Scott Macrae UBC Public Affairs

Stephen Owen VP External, Legal and Community Relations

Research Assistants

Punit Shah

Bryn Lander

Chris Gallop

Kevin Zhang

Supported by

VP External, Legal and Community Relations

VP Research and International

UBC-UN Habitat Exchange

Communication Support

UBC Public Affairs


This project is made possible by the support from School of Community and Regional Planning, Department of Civil Engineering, College for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Faculty of Applied Science since the pilot stage. We also thank CFIS HSS fund for its financial support. Many individuals have helped this project in various ways: Chris Gallop, Simon Li, Tim McDaniels, Thomas Dunn, John Corry, Sneja Gunew, ErinRose Handy, Cyril Leung, Jennifer Burns, Shirley Tanoto, Michael Isaacson, Bernard Laval, Barbara Lence, Susan Nesbit, Reza Vaziri, Nora Angeles, John Friedmann, Maged Senbel, Gord Lovegrove, Peter Boothroyd, Annalee Yassi, Michael Ko, among others.